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Useful information about pension plans in Germany

Especially for our english speaking clients, mostly foreign freelance professionals, who are living and working in Germany, we have some useful information about the possibilities of saving money for the time as a pensioner on this website.

The Basis-Rente

The Basis-Rente, also called "Rürup-Rente", named after the german economist Bert Rürup, who introduced this kind of pension plan in 2005, is a kind of pension plan, which could be used for saving money and save taxes twice.

General information

The Basis-Rente is a special pension plan in Germany which can be used by all people who have their main residence in Germany and who are taxable in Germany. So it is irrelevant if you are an employee, a freelancer or self-employed. But especially for freelancer and self-employed people it makes sense to think about the Basis-Rente, because this group of persons often don’t pay money in the statutory pension insurance of Germany. So they have to use other possibilities to save money for an old-age pension.

Functionality of the Basis-Rente

The Basis-Rente offers the possibility to save money for the time as a pensioner and save taxes during the time you pay your contribution in this pension plan. In the year 2017 you are able to deduct 84 % of the contribution from your income. Until the year 2025 the percentage will increase annually by 2 % so then you are able to deduct the full contribution. So the payment to this kind of pension plan reduce your tax payment. During the contractual term the insurer invest the money you pay in the Basis-Rente in investment funds. That is a good chance to take profit from the capital market. In the reverse, when you are a pensioner and the Basis-Rente pays you a monthly pension, you have to pay tax on it.

How to use the Basis-Rente

The minimum contribution is 30 EUR per month. You can pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. The maximum contribution in 2017 for a taxable deductibility is yearly 19624 EUR for a single and 39248 EUR for a married couple. It is also possible to do a yearly one-time payment as an addition to the contribution. The minimum amount for an one-time payment is 300 EUR. Your tax consultant can tell you if it is advisable to use this option. The earliest payout of a pension can be when you are 62 years old, the latest when you are 85 years old.

Important to know

There are some important facts about the Basis-Rente you have to know: The payout can only be as a monthly pension. This pension will be payed until you die. There is no possibility to pay out all the money as an one-time payment. Also this kind of contract can not be transfered to another person, it can not be sold and it is not possible to pay out the money before you are 62 years old. The only flexibility you can use during the contractual term is to change the amount of the contribution. If you die before the pension can be payed out, the fund assets will be payed out as a monthly pension to your spouse. If you die after the payout of the pension has already begun, the payment will be stopped. By request, it is possible to make an agreement in the contract, that the pension will be payed to your spouse, in case you die after the payment has begun.


The Basis-Rente is a very good possibility to save money for the time you retire and save taxes at the same time. Especially for self-employed people and freelancers who don’t pay money in the statutory pension insurance of Germany it is one of the best kinds of pension plans.

Please contact us for an individuel offer

Nico Klose
insurance specialist